Welcome to our NJC “Meet The Team” section, a light hearted take on our people that make up NJC Equipment Hire.

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First up to get the innings off to a flyer.. Nic (the N of NJC)
Nic has an extensive hire background running successful McEntee and Kennards branches before taking the plunge to become a business owner. As with many of our crew, Nic is a local living and breathing the norwest culture with his wife Terri and kids Zoe & Deegan.
If you know Nic, he loves his sport and anything with an engine. Hits a decent golf ball, tends to drive sideways on the track and has the all rounder tag in his T20 cricket team, regularly topping the averages with bat & ball.

An all round good bloke, doing great things in the community.. a self confessed petrolhead always with a project on the go. If you see him around, make sure you ask him about this years T20 stats then settle in for a montage of clutch moments.

April 2020

Nic Taylor NJC


The man, the myth, the legend and the J in NJC!
A homegrown Waitakere lad, the eldest of 5 boys and one of 3 plumbers within the Curran clan!
Jake’s been part of the local norwest landscape doing great things in the community for awhile now both with business and supporting our local clubs & schools.

For those who know Jake, he’s always up for a laugh and isn’t afraid of a prank or two, dangerous territory within our NJC crew as his recent victim informs me, “have cctv footage of the perp (Jake) and retaliation is coming!” When he’s not messing with staff, he genuinely loves helping people and combined with his business hustle, humour and upbeat persona, creates a great team environment to be around.

Outside of business and family, he’s still showcasing his ‘fleet of foot’ and ‘miracle offloads’ for his beloved Kumeu ‘Moistie Maulers’ rugby team (at time of publication). It seems his star player status could now be in jeopardy though since becoming a Heineken fanatic and taking a liking to flashy backline moves instead of front row biffo lately.
A top man to have around the traps keeping things interesting for us all.
Jake Curran…this is your life!

June 2020

Jake Curran NJC


Meet Corey, the C In NJC and the fastest man in our line up (a prestigious award given the liking to things that go fast within our team).

As with the majority of our crew, he’s been Involved in the norwest business landscape for an age. Trained up his ol mate Jake as a young apprentice to now business partner and currently splits his time between the big smoke and the winterless far north where he parades as a master plumber by day, but like Clark Kent is to the man of steel, a quick wardrobe change in the nearest pay phone box reveals a superhero on 2 wheels!

So where do we start;

12 x World Land Speed Records, 8 x US National Records, multiple NZ MotorX titles and the records keep tumbling every time he visits the Bonneville Salt Flats in the US of A.
Using various weapons of choice to “knock the bastard off” that range in class from a 250cc turbo’d Yamaha to a 750cc modified Suzuki where he casually clocks anywhere between 140-180mph+ (225-290kph!)…On salt…On a bike!

That’s some big kahunas in our book! Nice one Champ!

June 2020

Corey Bertelsen NJC


Paul has been part of the Norwest hire landscape since 1984 (before some of our team were on this earth). Originally with Kumeu Hire for most of his time before a brief stint with HP then joining the NJC stable as we got up ‘n’ running. He’s seen it all over that time and pretty much knows everyone in the region just like most of you will know him.

Paul’s the guy opening up first thing in the morning when it’s pitch black, without fail, to get you sorted and on the way before the traffic. Legend has it, he’s never used an alarm yet springs outta bed like a ninja at the same ridiculous hour every morning while the rest of us are still all tucked up tight.

Sources also tell me he was a bit of a gun sportsman back in the day, particularly at squash & footy, and a guy you definitely wanted on your team particularly if things got spicy…well, same goes with business!

A top bloke, doesn’t mind a cheeky bourbon and a gar, loves the camera (as you can tell), and as Kumeu Branch Manager, an important member in our team.

April 2020

Paul NJC


Doug has been in the industry longer than most of us have had hot lunches. He’s another one that everyone seems to know around the traps and brings huge experience, enthusiasm and a big grin to the NJC team.

You may recognise Doug as he is one half of the infamous Kumeu Hire/HP ‘originals’… Like yin goes with yang and salt is to pepper, so is Doug and his ol mate Paul. Having worked together for so long now, they make things very entertaining around the yard. Some liken their antics to Bert & Ernie but as they’ve got older it’s clear they’re more Statler & Waldorf!! (Google it)

Another ‘good sort’ here with us at NJC ensuring our customers are well looked after.

April 2020

Doug NJC


UPDATE: Dec 21

Welcome to our new General Manager! Reece has been a big part of developing our business since coming on board and with a strong team around him, we are confident Reece will continue to evolve and shape the business for future growth.


Welcome in to our Business/Marketing Manager Reece Young, who joined the NJC stable in October last year (2019).
He brings a wealth of business experience having been involved in successful start up companies following a long career as a professional cricketer with the Auks, Cantabs and a stint with the Blackcaps! (how good was was that win in Aussie in 2011!)
Tasked with adding his experience to the business, he’s got stuck into his work and started strongly, particularly with those very ‘artsy’ social media posts, many inspirational sporting quotes and that slick new website.. still can’t seem to crack his good mate Nic’s T20 team though! Tough gig! – Update, Reece has since featured in 2 of Nic’s T20 games as a ‘ring in’ injury cover and is yet to be dismissed. Rumour has it, on the back of that form and his hectic F45 schedule, there might be a club cricket comeback on the horizon for his beloved SNLCC… Good luck at 42 mate, better you than us!

We are stoked to have him on board to boost the business (and help perfect our reverse sweeps).
Keep an eye out for Reece next time you’re in, just avoid bringing up F45 or cricket otherwise you could walk away with your ears bleeding : )

Reece Young NJC


Welcomed into the NJC cult August 2020, this man needs no introduction for those in the know, having spent the past 21 years in various strategic sales roles within the construction plant industry.  JP’s one of the good guys who thrives on building strong relationships and going the extra mile to ensure his customers are well looked after whilst continuing to grow their businesses. We know our customers will be in safe hands with the professionalism and knowledge he brings to our new Sales Manager role.

Sources say JP loves his sports so will fit right in with the daily banter of dissecting the performances our sporting heroes from the comfort of our plush armchairs. We seem to be developing a trend with our recruitment for the need to have some sort of current or former ability on the sports field (most definitely former for most of us), this helps with ‘street cred’ at the water cooler for the ‘back in our day’ analysis.. JP easily fits the brief as a promising rep cricketer back in his teenage years, and rounds it off nicely as a near scratch golfer, pretty standard for those in sales these days isnt it?  FYI spoiler; hes currently nursing a niggly back, so its a good time for a cheeky wager next time you go for a round with him.

Sport aside, he’s a family man who loves spending time with his family and friends and is a a dab hand in the kitchen where he makes heck of a jalapeño sauce!

We are proud to have him apart of the NJC Stable, a real good sort in the industry so make sure you stop for a chat next time you see him around the traps.

August 2020



It’s that time again to welcome in a new member to the NJC cult.. Scotty!
Transporter by day, techie by night; Scott is our not so new transport driver ensuring you get your gear delivered on time and in perfect order.

Better late than never, we ‘officially’ welcome in Scott just a touch after starting with NJC (4+ months).  No stranger to the NJC team being a cousin of the ‘artist formerly known as Jacob’ and previously working over on the the dark side at JC Plumbing hiring gear from us until the lure of fluro signage and questionable banter brought him to the light.

Asked recently about his switch, he played down the move choosing to avoid any media hype, only commenting it’s like ‘a game of two halves’, ‘full credit to the boys’ & ‘yeah definitely keen to hit the ground running’.  Well, he seems to have fallen on his feet here with that display of sporting clichés sealing his spot up front flying the NJC flag in our transporter.

An interesting fact; We discovered Scotty (and his brother Grant) know a thing or two about computers. This was clearly evident when explaining some of the ins & outs of Bitcoin / Litecoin to our Meet the Team reporter. Words like cryptocurrency, blockchain and mining used in one sentence was enough to make our author feel pretty uneducated and after a quick google of exchange rates, its fair to say they’ve been onto something for awhile here.. especially handy with the Auckland property market on a heater again!

When he’s not preparing to be the next Bill Gates, Scotty’s a proud Dad to Mason and Ruby and is engaged to the beautiful Sophie!
Another local in our crew with some handy skills to add to the team. Be sure to give Scotty the headlight flash, toot or the eyebrow raise next time you see him cruise past repping the NJC colours!

March 2021

Scott NJC